Western Heritage Week

Clinton Annual Ball

The first Clinton Annual Ball was held New Year’s Day, 1868 in the ‘finest stop on the Cariboo Road’, the Clinton Hotel. The list of invitees has not survived the decades, but there were probably fewer than 40 attendees. Over the years, the venue changed, to accommodate more people. In 1869, the ball was held in Mr. Bell’s warehouse, by the 1890’s it was in the ‘new’ (as of 1892) school. In 1920, the people of Clinton built the Memorial Hall, a tribute to Clinton area residents who did not return from the Great War. The hall, constructed by volunteers, was specially designed for dancing. It was said to have the best maple hardwood floor in Canada.

This year is the 150th Annual Ball, the venue was moved to the arena at the 47 Mile Sports Complex - to accommodate more than 250 attendees. Link to Clinton Annual Ball Website: http://www.clintonannualball.com

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