1) Janice Maurice called the Meeting to Order at 6:01pm with the following present:
Peter Brandle, Helen Cade, Douglas Carnegie, Angel Elmes, Robin Fennell, Sandra
Fletcher, Lillian Fehr, Karen Grey, Paul Kao, Gordon Klontz, Wayne Marchant with
Graham Anderson on the phone.
2) Adopt the Minutes of the last AGM April 2021 as presented.
Moved by: Karen Second: Sandra Carried
3) Adopt the Financial Report for 2021 as presented.
Moved by: Wayne Second: Robin Carried
4) President’s Year in Review: Janice recalled the various successful events held
during the year noting that health restrictions caused these to focus on the
outdoor space. She also noted that we will miss Vinney Latimer and his
continuous volunteer activities. She thanked the outgoing Board members for
their service.
5) Election of 2022 Board member: Robin Fennell facilitated the nomination and
confirmation of the following Board Members for 2022.
President – Janice Maurice
Vice President – Wayne Marchant
Secretary/Treasurer – Lillian Fehr
Members at Large – Peter Brandle, Helen Cade, Douglas Carnegie, Angel Elmes,
Sandra Fletcher, Karen Grey, Paul Kao.
6) Robin moved the meeting adjourn at 6:23 pm