Black Smoke and All!

Clinton Museum volunteers have been busy revamping the Fire Arms display and updating the research and history on individual pieces. The secure exhibit contains deactivated examples from an era when guns were just another useful tool rather then the weapons of harm that Hollywood portrays them as.

Back in the day most Clinton household members were proficient in the safe handling, use and care of such helpful items. Explorers, prospectors and homesteaders throughout Canada relied on fire arms for procurement of meat and protection from predatory wildlife. In the museum collection are original bullet moulds, powder flasks, reloading equipment, a muzzle loader as well as hexagonal and octagonal barrelled beauties some of which exhibit such fine craftsmanship and engraving as to render them works of art.

We invite you to come and view these and other wonders when the museum is open.


Read "Ode to Clarence" in PDF format here