The Clinton Museum is getting ready for a fun-filled year in 2022

Karen Gray prepares a Brownie uniform to be displayed

 Some Brownie memorabilia donated by Karen Gray was added to our Girl
Guide, Cub and Scouts display at the Clinton Museum. Don’t forget if you
would like to become involved with the museum come join us. The upcoming
AGM is downstairs at the Legion Thursday March 10th at 6pm. Membership fees due and
you can join and support museum for a $10. Annual fee.

Spring is coming and we are preparing plans for a busy and event filled summer season. Museum artifacts can be photographed and keyed into the computer system throughout the year. While most Research requests come in during the summer, email and phone requests present all year long.

While we need and appreciate memberships; did you know that you can help out by being a Friend of the Museum even without a membership?

We will have pre-opening cleanup days and special events throughout the summer. Would you be a mentor to a Youth and share knowledge or a skill? Big equipment in the yard is being preserved by cleaning, touch ups and being moved onto concrete support pads.

If you would like notification of these events even if you are not a member, please email and we will be sure to include you in the event notifications.