The Clinton Hotel

Clinton hotel.jpg

It was BC’s oldest continually operating hotel when it burned in 1958

Built in 1862, the Clinton Hotel was one of the most venerable and significant buildings in the BC Interior. There is a detailed history of it in Branwen Patenaude's Trails to Gold. Erected by Watson and Co., it had a large bar room, a private sitting room, bedrooms with "Pulu" mattresses, free bunks for those who brought their own blankets and good food. It survived for almost a century, its billiard room becoming the scene of the annual ball. Ironically, it was after the ball in May, 1958 -- the province's centennial-- that the hotel caught fire. All the guests got out except for a couple and their child who, although awakened by the manager, went back to sleep and were killed in the blaze.

The wooden replica of the Hotel was built in the 1960’s by H.G. Shaler to 1/8th scale and donated to the Village of Clinton by the Chevron Gas Company after the fire.

Initially displayed on the site of the original Clinton Hotel, the model was moved to the Clinton Museum in 2000. Shortly after the suffering some damage from young vandals, the model was moved into storage where it remained until 2018, when the center section was placed on the Museum float in the Annual Clinton Parade.

Viewed for just one day in the Parade, the model once again became an object of interest and concern to the community at large.

Currently in need of repair and too fragile to be exposed to the elements, with its original housing gone, this wonderful piece of historical craftsmanship now languishes in a shed behind the Museum.

With the funding from the Archie and Dorothy Memorial Fund, the Clinton Museum volunteer committee will be able construct a clear sided, movable display in which this large, 10ft x 16ft item can be safely viewed

Displaying the model will support the underlying community values of history preservation and tourism. Clinton’s history and culture is a huge part of our community. By preserving and displaying this important model of the famous Clinton Hotel, it contributes to telling the Clinton Story and preserves an important part of our history. For tourism, this will add another historical attraction component to Clinton’s “where history meets adventure” direction.