The BC Heritage Legacy Fund has provided a grant for South Cariboo Historical Museum Society (The Clinton Museum) towards the purchase of a video camera and professional editing.  The goal for these funds is create a video Museum Walking Tour as well as an initial 3 hours of oral history of Clinton and the surrounding area. Jordan Johnston assisted by Razzle Marketing is providing the video recording consultation and professional editing services for the Walking Tour and Oral History.

The Self Guided Walking Tour is now available on YouTube at Clinton Museum BC. The purchase of a video camera provides an extraordinary opportunity to capture and record the oral history of early pioneers and First Nations people thereby creating an verbal/video archive.  It will also enhance the learning experience of our summer staff working at the museum.

We will use this opportunity to record personal knowledge of long past events as well as information and stories associated with the museum artifacts and gold rush days.  Clinton is rich with history on logging, ranching, travel on the gold route and many other aspects.

While the First Nations’ exhibits and photographs in the museum are limited, we welcome this opportunity to greatly expand our knowledge and collection of history of First Nations’ in Clinton and surrounding area.

Whether your information, photograph or story is short or long, we would love to create a record of it.  ANYONE INTERESTED IN SHARING, INTERVIEWING OR VIDEOTAPING IS WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE. PLEASE CONTACT THE Clinton Museum AT 250 459 2442 OR INFO@CLINTONMUSEUMBC.ORG