Karaoke in the Museum

On Friday, August 13th, the staff at the museum held a small karaoke event in the barn. People of all ages came by to sing to their hearts content, staff had an array of music for guests to sing, both older songs through the years and some new ones. Here is a photo of one of the guests who came to the event, he sang Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. We would like to thank everyone who came out, it was a fun little event we got to do!



Story-Time in the Barn

On Friday August 13 th at the museum, staff held an event – story time in the barn. Folks of all ages gathered to listen to and share some stories of Clinton, its people, and its history. Many Clintonites came to share their stories such as; Robin Fennell, Helene Cade, Alice Crosson, Rollie Higginbottom, and other residents of the area. It was very nice to be able to sit down close-knit with some locals and have open conversation about anything and everything. We hope to do more events like this in the future, with the possibility of recording for others to view who cannot make it.

My Time as a Summer Student at the Museum

This summer the Clinton Museum was able to employ 5 summer staff with the Canada Youth Program, we have asked the staff to write a few sentences about their experience here working at the museum.


Krystal, Rylee, Chris, Rachel, Emma


My name is Chris Hegg and I work at the Clinton Historical Museum through the Canada Summer Youth Program. I enjoy my time working at the museum learning new things about the history of Clinton and the Cariboo, I also enjoyed meeting and talking to the people who come
to the museum. As I continue to work at the museum I keep finding more things I like and enjoy about it. One of the things I enjoyed learning and researching about was the LaFrance Pumper Fire truck that is in the museums yard. I learned from researching about the fire truck is that
the company that made them went through three eras and three different owners, I also learned that the fire truck was able to pump out 800 gallons of water per minute and the fire truck was also hand pumped. I have also learned that the fire truck was used in the Clinton
parade, the fire truck was also gifted to the Clinton Fire Department by the Vancouver Fire Department. I have enjoyed my time working at the museum and I have enjoyed working with everyone at the museum.


My name is Emma Welder and I worked at the museum this summer,
Working at the museum has been fun, you get to meet lots of interesting people and learn many interesting things. On Saturday, I was in charge of an art class, it was nice having little kids drawing in the museum,
all though I did not enjoy how loud they were. The events we’ve been having have probably been my favorite things happening here, but
maybe that’s because I actually enjoy serving food.


My name is Rachel Miller, and I am a summer employee at the Clinton Museum through the Canadian Summer Youth Program. During my time at the museum, the staff and I worked on many projects. We cleaned the old tow truck and firetruck, organized the archives, hosted weekly events and completed daily maintenance, to name a few. I have lived in Clinton my entire life and have always known some of Clinton’s history, but I have learned so much more during my time at the Museum.


Hi my name is Rylee Shumay and I am employed at the museum by the Canada Summer Youth Program. I have learned a lot of things about history, the people, and Clinton itself during my time as a summer student at the museum. One of my favourite people to learn more about
was Judge Matthew Begbie. He was labelled as the hanging judge of the Cariboo, but as you research further into his life you realize there is more to him that just a label. Being able to discover the history and meet the locals of this town has helped me to feel like a true “Clintonite”. This town I find is quite the hidden gem! To see the excitement on the faces of tourists as they learn about our history, has been a major impact on my time and enjoyment here.

Tea Party

On July 25 th the Clinton Museum hosted its first official tea party. Summer students Rylee Shumay and Rachel Miller were in charge of organizing the event. A total of 11 kids attended the party. Volunteers and staff provided the art supplies, iced tea and snacks. The tea party started at 12:00 and went till 2:00, an hour longer than planned. The tea party started with drawing in the barn followed by tea, snacks and then basic waltz lessons and a game of tag. The kids also got to try quill writing and got to sit in the old wagon in the barn. The tea party was a
huge success and all the guests and staff had an amazing time.


Walking Tour

In the afternoon on a beautiful Sunday the staff held a walking tour event based on the new edition of the VILLAGE OF CLINTON HISTORIC WALKING TOUR. We had guests come from both the area and other places. Staff and the guests walked up and down the main street of Clinton talking about old buildings from the past, where they once stood or are still standing. Having this tour allowed people to get to know the village of Clinton a little bit better, the tour went over really well and the staff at the museum had amazing reviews from the folks who attended.